White Nationalism And Semetism Are Dangerous Terrorist

White Nationalism And Semetism Are Dangerous Terrorist

By : Toni E

One times again, US President, Trump has made blunder statement on case of mosque in New Zealand. Trump said white nationalist is not a rising threat after a white nationalist kills 50 in mosque attacks. Those statement has been countered by Rashida Tlaib, Muslim Senator from Democrat Party. I think Rashida’s opinion is true.

Brenton “the butcher and slaughter” Tarrant who had been brutality killed muslim worship in New Zealand, had made statement that he had white supremacy ideology who were worried about the influx of muslim immigrant and muslim influences around the world.

I think the rise of white nationalism and semetism would be endangered human kind existences around the world. After 911 attacks in New York and Pentagon, white supremacy ideology and agenda including semetism are global common enemy. Those disease has been replacing and maybe cooperate with global terror cells to make abraupt and deadly damage which can rise global uncertainty situation and global tensions will harm up.


Locally and globally, mosque attacks in New Zealand has been politicizing by politician including in Indonesia eventhough the government had given warning to do not spreading “Tarrant’s dotard action” video. In the US, several senator from Democrat have been condemned President Trump who did not show big condolence gimmick on brutal and uncivilized Tarrant’s action. Indeed, Rashida Tlaib, one of muslim senator democrat had been warned that she was worried about rising white ideologyst in US which has been reflected as Islamo phobia.

I think all of countries around the world must be together to crush “global disease” such as terrorism, semetism, white supremacy, neo Nazi etc because all of those can break global peace climate.

The writer is global issues observer.

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