May And Brexit

May And Brexit

Oleh : Toni Ervianto

The failure to implement Brexit or British Exit which had gotten since 2016 referendum has been made British Prime Minister, Theresa May will step down on June 7, 2019.

The failure to implement Brexit because all of proposal which made by Conservative Party, the rulling party in British parliament always denied by Labor Party in the house of representatives. Because of that. Theresa May has made a decision to retire as British Prime Minister.

I think there are several political barrier which makes May does not realize British Exit or known as Brexit such as firstly, the rivalry to get sphere of influence in the current British political struggle has been gone to worst path between Conservative party and Labor party. As the opposition political party, Labor party has always been made unpredicted movement.

Secondly, as Prime Minister, Theresa May neither gather nor recruit her political rivals through populist and lucrative political and economic policy. It seem likes May does not enough has a solidarity maker figure.

Thirdly, between May and Juncker, the chief of European Union have “former dispute and disagree” about Brexit. European Union does not want British leave from these communities, because it could make EU facing several problems related to economic and security matters.

Fourthly, May wants to make political sensation through Brexit, if it is success to implement. But May seem like fail to scan and to adopt “silent voices” either British people or EU people which actually they won’t separate by Brexit.

The writer had earned his master at the University of Indonesia (UI)

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