What Is Jokowi’s Challenge At His Second Term?

What Is Jokowi’s Challenge At His Second Term?


By : Toni Ervianto

The Constitutional Court’s judges had been made their decision on presidential elections dispute trial, and if we are following MK’s trial, we can see that Prabowo-Sandiaga Uno have had several hurdles and difficulties to prove on their sue related to presidential elections massive, systematically and structurally rigge allegation. Because of that, several pundits have predicted Jokowi’s camps will win.

According to recently national progress, Jokowi looks want to built a reconcialition cabinet at his second terms. Jokowi want to invite the best ofPKS, PAN, Gerindra and Democrat party cadres especially from Gerindra party to join to his next cabinet. According to Asrul Sani/the United Development Party or PPP because Gerindra party is a gentle political opponent during the 2019 general elections which was reached at least 17 million votes.

But, maybe Jokowi will face defiance in his an internal political coalitions because previously PKB’s chairman Muhaimin Iskandar looks deny when PAN and Democrat to join Jokowi’s camp after the elections.

Indeed, sharing proportionally “political deviden” will make Jokowi to be conered. I think and I predict during his second terms, Jokowi will change his cabinet or reshuffle cabinet more frequently rather than his first terms, because Jokowi must satisfy all of his political colleagues who had given their efforts during 2019 general elections. If Jokowi fails to make it, he will face the next catastrophic politics.

Jokowi’s challenge

It is more an interesting and awesome if this article will focus on the next Jokowi’s challenge on his second terms as below : first, Jokowi must be proven especially to Muslim’s communities as the biggest community in Indonesia if during his second terms lesbian, gay, bisex and transgender or LGBT and communist purge efforts did not allow in Indonesia.

Second, Jokowi must build and keep his political relationship with several Muslim prominent figure whoever during the elections against him. Jokowi must have moderate view to build it. If the relationship between Jokowi and several figures and groups can create, I think Jokowi’s second terms will smoothly run.

Third, an economically, Jokowi will face and must find smart and totally solutions to solve current account deficit, an export and national revenue slump-in, and foreign debt problems.

Four, on an international problems, Jokowi’s second terms will have undirectly effects from an international problems and dispute such North Korea’s denuclearzation, Rohingya’s refugee in Myanmar and Bangladesh, rising tensions between Iran and the US, trade war between Chinese vs the US, the effects of Brexit, the existence of groups terror are mainly in Africa etc. Those problems could give any impacts on Indonesia’s interest especially on to protect our citizens who are lives in abroad, and global economic turbulence can create problems for Indonesia’s economic and security situations.

The writer had earned his master degree at the University of Indonesia (UI).

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