May And Brexit
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May And Brexit

Oleh : Toni Ervianto

The failure to implement Brexit or British Exit which had gotten since 2016 referendum has been made British Prime Minister, Theresa May will step down on June 7, 2019.

The failure to implement Brexit because all of proposal which made by Conservative Party, the rulling party in British parliament always denied by Labor Party in the house of representatives. Because of that. Theresa May has made a decision to retire as British Prime Minister.

I think there are several political barrier which makes May does not realize British Exit or known as Brexit such as firstly, the rivalry to get sphere of influence in the current British political struggle has been gone to worst path between Conservative party and Labor party. As the opposition political party, Labor party has always been made unpredicted movement.

Secondly, as Prime Minister, Theresa May neither gather nor recruit her political rivals through populist and lucrative political and economic policy. It seem likes May does not enough has a solidarity maker figure.

Thirdly, between May and Juncker, the chief of European Union have “former dispute and disagree” about Brexit. European Union does not want British leave from these communities, because it could make EU facing several problems related to economic and security matters.

Fourthly, May wants to make political sensation through Brexit, if it is success to implement. But May seem like fail to scan and to adopt “silent voices” either British people or EU people which actually they won’t separate by Brexit.

The writer had earned his master at the University of Indonesia (UI)

What Is Jokowi’s Challenge At His Second Term?
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What Is Jokowi’s Challenge At His Second Term?


By : Toni Ervianto

The Constitutional Court’s judges had been made their decision on presidential elections dispute trial, and if we are following MK’s trial, we can see that Prabowo-Sandiaga Uno have had several hurdles and difficulties to prove on their sue related to presidential elections massive, systematically and structurally rigge allegation. Because of that, several pundits have predicted Jokowi’s camps will win.

According to recently national progress, Jokowi looks want to built a reconcialition cabinet at his second terms. Jokowi want to invite the best ofPKS, PAN, Gerindra and Democrat party cadres especially from Gerindra party to join to his next cabinet. According to Asrul Sani/the United Development Party or PPP because Gerindra party is a gentle political opponent during the 2019 general elections which was reached at least 17 million votes.

But, maybe Jokowi will face defiance in his an internal political coalitions because previously PKB’s chairman Muhaimin Iskandar looks deny when PAN and Democrat to join Jokowi’s camp after the elections.

Indeed, sharing proportionally “political deviden” will make Jokowi to be conered. I think and I predict during his second terms, Jokowi will change his cabinet or reshuffle cabinet more frequently rather than his first terms, because Jokowi must satisfy all of his political colleagues who had given their efforts during 2019 general elections. If Jokowi fails to make it, he will face the next catastrophic politics.

Jokowi’s challenge

It is more an interesting and awesome if this article will focus on the next Jokowi’s challenge on his second terms as below : first, Jokowi must be proven especially to Muslim’s communities as the biggest community in Indonesia if during his second terms lesbian, gay, bisex and transgender or LGBT and communist purge efforts did not allow in Indonesia.

Second, Jokowi must build and keep his political relationship with several Muslim prominent figure whoever during the elections against him. Jokowi must have moderate view to build it. If the relationship between Jokowi and several figures and groups can create, I think Jokowi’s second terms will smoothly run.

Third, an economically, Jokowi will face and must find smart and totally solutions to solve current account deficit, an export and national revenue slump-in, and foreign debt problems.

Four, on an international problems, Jokowi’s second terms will have undirectly effects from an international problems and dispute such North Korea’s denuclearzation, Rohingya’s refugee in Myanmar and Bangladesh, rising tensions between Iran and the US, trade war between Chinese vs the US, the effects of Brexit, the existence of groups terror are mainly in Africa etc. Those problems could give any impacts on Indonesia’s interest especially on to protect our citizens who are lives in abroad, and global economic turbulence can create problems for Indonesia’s economic and security situations.

The writer had earned his master degree at the University of Indonesia (UI).

Houthi Rebels Step up Attacks Against Saudi Arabia
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Houthi Rebels Step up Attacks Against Saudi Arabia

Since April, Houthi rebels have conducted at least ten separate missile or drone strikes on Saudi targets, including airports, oil pipelines, and other energy infrastructure.

Despite boasting the world’s third largest military budget, the Saudis’ Patriot missile-defense system has performed inconsistently in the face of mounting Houthi attacks.
Since the beginning of the war in Yemen, Iran has increased its support for Houthi rebels in both the quantity and quality of the weapons it provides.

As tensions in the region escalate, Iran will continue to rely on its network of proxy and militia groups to strike out against its adversaries, including the U.S. and Saudi Arabia.

As the conflict drags on in Yemen, Houthi rebels backed by Iran have stepped up their campaign to pressure Saudi Arabia. Since April, the rebels have conducted at least ten separate missile or drone strikes on Saudi targets, including airports, oil pipelines, and other energy infrastructure. An attack last week involved several drones that crashed into the parking area of the Abha airport in Saudi Arabia. That attack killed a Syrian national and wounded seven other people. The Houthis claimed responsibility for the attack, with spokesman Yahia al-Sarie noting that the rebels had deployed drones against the airports in Abha as well as Jizan. A June 13 cruise missile strike by the Houthis against the same airport in Abha injured 26 people. Despite boasting the world’s third largest military budget, the Saudis’ Patriot missile-defense system has performed inconsistently in the face of mounting Houthi attacks.

These attacks are another sign that the war in Yemen is nowhere near an end. Moreover, the recent escalation has demonstrated that Iran views the Houthis as a valuable asset through which it can conduct proxy warfare, as tensions continue to rise in the Persian Gulf. Ironically, in what could accurately be described as a self-fulfilling prophecy, Riyadh claimed that substantial Iranian military support to the Houthis in Yemen was its raison d’etre for its intervention there. While it is true that when the Saudi-led coalition first began operations in Yemen, Iran provided some support to the Houthis, over the past several years the level and degree of that support has increased dramatically. Far from countering Iranian influence in Yemen, then, the war has amplified it. This is part of Iran’s traditional playbook, part of which is supplying its network of proxies and militias with a range of weaponry. A Saudi blockade to deny Iranian weapons shipments to the Houthis has continued to be unsuccessful.

Tensions between Iran and the U.S., as well as with Saudi Arabia and the UAE, are approaching critical levels. During an emergency U.N. Security Council meeting on June 24, Kuwait—which holds the Council’s presidency for June—condemned recent mine attacks against oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman, which Iran is widely suspected of conducting. Kuwait also stressed the need for all parties to exercise ‘maximum restraint’ to avoid greater conflict. Yet as seen in Yemen, that conflict is already escalating, with civilians continuing to pay the price.

The Trump administration supports the Saudi and UAE-led campaign in Yemen, despite increased congressional opposition. Washington views Yemen as one of the front lines in its regional conflict with Iran. The administration’s campaign of ‘maximum pressure’ against Iran has led it to ignore the counterproductive nature of the conflict in Yemen. Trump’s foreign policy has assumed a zero-sum nature with respect to Iran, where any action that American allies take to counter or rollback Iranian influence in the Middle East is considered acceptable, despite what are clearly negative second and third order effects, including widespread poverty, famine, and disease in Yemen (TSC)

Anies Baswedan Akan Ke Kolombia Hadiri World Cities Summit
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Anies Baswedan Akan Ke Kolombia Hadiri World Cities Summit

JP-Jakarta, Gubernur DKI Jakarta, Anies Rasyid Baswedan  akan ke Kolombia untuk menghadiri World Cities Summit. Anies akan ke Kota Medelline, Kolombia Rabu (10/07), ujarnya di Balaikota DKI Jakarta, Senin (08/07).

Selama seminggu Anies akan berada di Medelline. Selain untuk menghadiri World Cities Summit, Anies juga akan menjadi pembicara dalam pertemuan tersebut. Anies akan bertolak ke Medelline, Selasa subuh (09/07).

Anies mengatakan bahwa selama dirinya berada di Kolombia, seluruh tugas Gubernur DKI Jakarta akan digantikan oleh Sekretaris Daerah DKI Saefullah.Saefullah akan menjadi Pelaksana  tugas Harian Gubernur DKI Jakarta.(Herbowo)

Dansatgas Konga TNI XXXIX-A RDB MONUSCO : Pembangunan Sarana Pasar Tradisional Rekatkan Jalinan Komunikasi Antar Suku Di Republik Demokratik Kongo
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Dansatgas Konga TNI XXXIX-A RDB MONUSCO : Pembangunan Sarana Pasar Tradisional Rekatkan Jalinan Komunikasi Antar Suku Di Republik Demokratik Kongo

Jayakartapos, Pembangunan sarana pasar tradisional yang menjadi bagian dari kegiatan Civil and Military Coordination (Cimic) yang rutin digelar oleh prajurit Satgas Konga TNI XXXIX-A RDB MONUSCO bertujuan untuk merekatkan kembali jalinan komunikasi dan persaudaraan yang sempat terpecah antar Suku beberapa waktu lalu.

Hal tersebut dikatakan Komandan Satuan Tugas (Satgas) Kontingen Garuda (Konga) TNI  XXXIX-A Rapidly Deployable Battalion (RDB) Mission de lOrganisation des Nations Unies pour La Stabilisation en République Démocratique du Congo (MONUSCO) Kolonel Inf Dwi Sasongko di Kalemie, Propinsi Tanganyika, Republik Demokratik Kongo, baru-baru ini.

Dalam kesempatan tersebut Komandan Satgas Konga TNI  XXXIX-A RDB MONUSCO menyampaikan bahwa pembangunan sarana pasar tradisional di Desa Lwakato yang berjarak 20 Km dari Combat Operation Base (COB) Manono adalah wujud kesepakatan yang telah dicapai beberapa waktu yang lalu antara dua suku yang pernah bertikai yaitu Suku Bantu dan Suku Twa.

Selanjutnya Kolonel Inf Dwi Sasongko menuturkan bahwa pasar tradisional yang diberi nama Garuda Soko tersebut dibangun secara bersama-sama antara prajuritl Satgas Konga TNI  XXXIX-A RDB MONUSCO serta warga Desa Lwakato dan dikerjakan selama empat hari.

Selanjutntya Komandan Satgas Konga TNI  XXXIX-A RDB MONUSCO mengatakan bahwa selain sebagai tempat perputaran ekonomi, pasar tradisional Garuda Soko dapat menjadi sarana berkumpul dan bersosialisasi antara kedua suku, sehingga diharapkan kedepan tidak ada lagi perselisihan yang terjadi.

Lebih lanjut dikatakan Kolonel Inf Dwi Sasongko bahwa Selain membangun sarana pasar tradisional, prajurit Satgas Konga TNI  XXXIX-A RDB MONUSCO juga memberikan pelajaran tentang pengenalan huruf alphabet dan matematika sederhana untuk meningkatkan kemampuan membaca dan menulis warga Desa Lwakato.(Sumber: Puspen TNI)