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Photo: Uighurs Muslim, source: AFP-Getty Images

By : M. Rizal Fadillah

Jayakartapos,  Islamic mass organization delegates which was invited by Chinese government went to Xinjiang aimed “to see” Uighur’s society camp consentration had brought to see “happy and good life situations”, after then we are know all of this are Chinese’s communist government conditioning.

Good responds had given after Islamic mass organization come to Indonesia, perhaps amongs them have taken “something” in order to the next coming story or narrative related to Uighur is constructive narrative. The conclution is Chinese government had cheated on Uighur’s case.

Indonesia’s mass organization delegates cases probably had done too in others countries such as from Middle East delegates. The impacts is raising “unthinkable” statement why Islamic’s world “silent” on Uighur’s cases who were taked several crimes against humanity cases. Cheated delegate had been transformed to be vocational education agency. Chinese’s communist government has always been cheating neither to their ourselves citizen nor global community.

It was reported that the police wet the back of his police colleague and then were highlighted by the camera and reported how “tireless” the Chinese policeman was sweating his back.

There is also a police officer in the middle of the snow pouring a thermos of warm water into a cup given to the red truck driver. While the cameraman gave a signal opposite him. Other officers poured snow. Fake and imaging. Chinese people began to mock the propaganda model of Mao Ze Dong’s teachings.

But with coercion, imaging, and financing, the ideology and lifestyle of communism can be followed and explained everywhere. Indonesia is very experienced and experienced. Back to the false propaganda “re-education camp” which is essentially a “concentration camp” to eradicate Uighur Muslims, many communities have been deceived by imaging with the support of Chinese-style bribes. Praising and cleaning as if there were no violations of human rights.

Learning from here the people and Muslims of Indonesia must always be on the lookout for Chinese fraud, false imaging, extortion and the institutionalization of the “bribery” culture of the bribe man. Dirty colonial projects in the process of licensing, treatment of natives, maybe even leasing “foreign stooge” apparatus. Lastly, Chinese’s one belt one road (OBOR, red) project is Chinese’s emperor hegemony projects. The nation’s pride is at stake in dealing with China con artists ..!

*) The writer is political observer

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