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Photo: Corona virus, source: MGN


By : Abdul Yitno Suprayogitomo.

Jayakartapos,  Now and it can not predict, global situations has been terrorizing by Corona’s pandemic which had taken life of more than 5,000 people arround the world. Several countries have taken several policies against Corona virus or Covid19. Italy, England, USA, China, Mongolia, Spain and others have been taken lock down policies.

Meanwhile, the government of Indonesia has made “indirectly lock down” when President Jokowi was ordered the people of Indonesia to working, studying, praying etc. Previously, Jakarta’s governor Anies Baswedan had taken policy which had said by Jokowi.

Corona’s terror has beem impacted many of life sections such as La Liga in Spain, Serie A in Italy, Premiere League in England, Shanghai, Vietnam and Australia grand prix, NBA competition in USA, Shopee Liga 1 and 2 in Indonesia, Tokyo’s olympiade, Euro 2020, several international airports etc were closed. In Indonesia, President Jokowi has been ordered to governor, major and regent in Indonesia to evaluate and make decision related to Covid 19 threats in their region.

Several worst case scenarios have been made by several pundits, CEO etc to anticipate if Covid19 has failed to tackle down in the several month because global economic, politic and security uncertainty will happens and it can be triggered global mass riots and it might be possible Covid19 can make several government will stagnant and collapse and finally several head of state will under impeachnent threats.

There is a strategic reasons why several government did not want make lock down policy. However, we must together against Corona virus because global conditions is undersiege against it and Covid 19 does not easy to predict when it will end. Hopefully.

*) The writer is an international issues observer

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