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Photo: Toni Ervianto (Writer)

By Toni Ervianto.

Jayakartapos, The outbreak of Covid 19 has hit harder across the planet since 4 months ago in at least 215 countries and until now more than 5 millon people around the world has been inflected. For Muslim’s people around the globe, Covid 19 has recorded new history and memories which it is not forget for a long time again since this time.

But the celebration of eid fitri around the world can do with smooth, deeply religiousity spirit, though social coexcience even several countries have been implemented lockdown to cut Covid 19 circulation.

Because of that, eid fitri celebration does not run somber, because million of Muslim’s follower can celebrate it with happily because Islam has leasoned that all of God’s decision is a good for us.

However, during Covid 19 era, all of Muslim’s people can make their live always happy, otherwise we must alert on Covid 19 circulation does not stop because our dicipline to obey large scale social restricstion or PSBB or lockdown’s rule does not run well. Indeed, Islam has given its norms and values including dicipline and obeying government’s rule.

It is sadly phenomenon which is still happens in Indonesia as the biggest Muslim’s country. Theoritically and obviously, if Covid 19 outbreak does not overcome or tackle, it could push to create uncertainty in the next times which it can make our sorrow will take more times. Can we enough to handle it? I doubt it.

Because of that, stop your indicipliner and obey your leader order. Hopefully.

*) The writer is a columnist and had earned master degree at the University of Indonesia (UI).

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