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Photo: Shisha Bar Shooting, source: Michael Probst/Associated Press



Jayakartapos, A gunman killed nine people at two shisha bars in the German city of Hanau on Wednesday. The suspect and his mother were later found dead in his apartment with gunshot wounds. Some people attending the vigil for the victims of the terrorist attack in Hanau on Thursday evening came with signs denouncing racisms and xenophobia. Authorities believe the suspected gunman, 43, didn’t have a criminal record, but he did have an extremist background. German Chancellor Angela Merkel canceled a planned trip to the city of Halle in the wake of the attack, the third far-right shooting in a year. She described racism as a “poison” in German society.

The age of the victims are between 21 and 44, with foreign and German nationals among the dead. President Frank-Walter Steinmeier says he is “horrified” by the terrorist attack, adding that he stands with “all people who are threatened by racist hatred.”

“You are not alone,” he said in a statement. The president of the German state of Hesse, Volker Bouffier, said the regional parliament will suspend all sessions Thursday following the attack. “Today is a day of mourning,” he said.

The Federal Prosecutor’s Office said the suspected shooter had published a racist “manifesto” of sorts on his personal website. The shooting was Germany’s third deadly attack linked to right-wing extremism in a year. Five of the nine people shot dead at two shisha bars in the city were Turkish citizens, according to Turkey’s ambassador to Berlin.

At least 70 vigils and anti-racism protests of varying sizes have been scheduled for Thursday evening across Germany, according to a list widely circulated on social media.

Various groups, including political parties, city administrations and NGOs, as well as individuals are organizing the events that will take place in Berlin, Frankfurt, Dresden, Dortmund, Munich and many other German cities.
YouTube has confirmed it shut down the account of a man named Tobias Rathjen on Thursday morning, following Wednesday night’s attack in the German city of Hanau.

Police named Tobias R. as the Hanau shooter, along with his birthdate and place of birth. Those details match what Tobias Rathjen published on his website.

YouTube told CNN that it was committed to ensuring that any content that “promotes terrorism or violent extremism” is removed.

YouTube called the attack in Hanau “a horrific instance” and said its systems worked as intended and that its response protocol had been effective.

Before Rathjen’s account was shut down, CNN viewed the material which had been posted online. The most recent video was uploaded on February 14 and provides a link to his personal website containing xenophobic views, which has also been taken down.

Rathjen left a letter on his website, seen by CNN, that included deeply xenophobic and racist statements. In it, he admitted he had an “aversion” to certain ethnic groups, including Turks, Moroccans, Lebanese and Kurds.

Rudi Völler, the former manager of Germany’s national soccer team, has spoken of the shock he felt about the attack in his home town of Hanau.

Völler himself played for the German national team in 90 games, including the final of the 1990 World Cup won by West Germany. He is now the director of Bayer Leverkusen Völler said on Twitter: With horror and dismay I received the news of the hideous act in my hometown. The dismay is great. My sympathy goes out to the families and relatives of the victims. He added that “everything indicated that it was a racist act.” “In my opinion, it is always important to raise the flags on this issue. Hatred, violence and racism have no place in our midst.”

A minute’s silence will be held before the kickoff of Bayer Leverkusen’s game with FC Porto on Thursday evening. The players of both teams will wear black ribbons to commemorate the attacks’ victims, the club said in a statement.

Hanau’s mayor Claus Kaminsky is organizing a public vigil for the victims of the terror attack at the city’s market square on Thursday evening. He called on people to “stand together for Hanau.”

Kaminsky also announced that carnival parades planned for the weekend will be cancelled, saying celebrations would not be appropriate at the time of mourning. Locals have been bringing flowers and candles to the site of the attack. Flags were flying at at half mast at the Bundestag building in Berlin (

Meanwhile in Jakarta, an international issues observer, Toni Ervianto, MSi said racism, bigotry, xenophobia and right-wing extremism have been raising amongs several countries in Europe including in the United States, because in their society have many potential factors which can occur social segregration. “The quality of communications among neighborhood in Europe also must be fixed and make it more comfortable, humble and honor each others, especially between indigineous nationals and foreigners whose have different faith and religion amid majority nationals di several countries,” Toni who had earned his master degree at the University of Indonesia explained further (Red)