By : Toni Ervianto

During presidential campaign period, many of hoax have been happening and coloring political situation. The recent hoax case is Ratna Sarumpaet’s hoax. Ratna had claimed she was beaten up by mysterious people and presidential candidate Prabowo and many of his political colleagues had been provocated. And now, many of sue have been launching related these hoax.

Basically, social media in the information era can use to increase whatever efforts will have to know with other people fastly, but social media could be used to spread and create fake news, fake photo and other fake propaganda material. If it is spreaded by person account in social media, it could be a real fact and it can be used by law enforcement apparatus, but it was spreaded by robot account, it could be real fake and whoever had been spreaded it, law enforcement apparatus must be caught the perpetrator.

Politically, hoax makers are coward and its usually be used to create people’s worry, people’s scare and uncertainty situation to gain the hoax makers intention will be happened. Because of that, hoax can decrease trust and political electability.

Using hoax to make political support is a dump thing, because ones can only create political sensation and sue.

Besides that, we must address or overcome hoax, because hoax maker is common enemy democracy. Hoax can create democracy performance can be mutilitated and hoax can make social segregration and triggered race-religion conflicts.

Lastly, whoever is create and make hoax, he or she must be punished and we must support law apparatus and cyber communities efforts in Indonesia to minimalize hoax.

The writer is a political, mass media and social media analys. He had earned his master degree at the University of Indonesia/UI.

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