Berita Nasional

By : T. Ervianto

Jayakartapos, KSPI has been echoing through their pers release which has been spreading to masa media, its informing by there 32 labor organization Will do labor strikes durung Oct 6th to Oct 8th in Jakarta and several provinces but the writer believes in those just only propaganda and campaign strategy certain labor groups, because many of others labor groups are not join in labor strikes.

Labor groups which are not join in labor strikes or labor rallies because they are understand and realize that those strategy will make several unbenefit for labor such as labor organization will be used by other groups which are pretend to pro to labor interest but actually they want play on “wave of labor destiny to get or collect their pragmatical, economic and political intention and goals.

Several labor groups have realized that labor strikes will create hurdle way to solve economic recession.

Labor strikes during unconducive and amids economic contraction today is suicide efforts because labor strike will bother economic productions and its chain, even though labor strikes will do by limited mass and the enterpreneur won’t allow if they will bankrupt so its normal and make sense if they will give work termination or PHK to labor who were joined in labor strikes and labor rallies.

Labor strikes is labor’s right but its will occur antipaty, suspectness, interfered communication and industrial relationship brokes because of that labor strikes and labor rallies have done by unvisioner and desperate labor groups which can kill their spirit and capability their future.

The writer does not believe in that labor federations will responsible and take all of risk and lost including work termination will take by labor as consequences joining strikes including labor federation does not responsible on whatever their done and whatever their have provocated it to make labor strikes or labor rallies. Nowdays, if you lose your job its mean you release your bright future because looking for a job right now is one of tough and difficult to do.

The propaganda’s matter must pro to labor’s interest because the propagandist want to use labor’s emotion and their situation to collecting and implementing the propagandist goals. Labor strikes is one of methods to create “color revolutions” in several countries which had previously been done.

*) The writer is columnist at several online media.

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