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By : Toni Ervianto *)

Jayakartapos,   Now, Indonesia is become one of mostly target for drug dealers or narcotics syndicate from the abroad which was collaborated with Indonesian drug and narcotics dealers and producer. Its a tragic situation for us because neither the government had been shot drug dealers nor implementing death sentence against them, the threats of drug and narcotics in Indonesia is still facing slippery and roughly paths.

From credible sources in Indonesia, we have drawn that drug and narcotics threats to Indonesia is systematically processed, because suprastructure and infrastructure for delivering drugs and narcotics have been readied. Imagine, drugs and narcotics verdicts and inmates could be had those things which had been found and delivered among them in the penintentiary around Indonesia.

Meantime, many of government officials including security officers have be monitored because in the many of provinces and regencies including cities around Indonesia allegedly its had their involvement behind unanticipated and unsolved the threats of drugs and narcotics in Indonesia.

The National Narcotics Agency (BNN) has been shooting and catching many of drug dealers and narcotics syndicate but their efforts does not enough to fighting and crushing drugs syndicate in Indonesia alone. Because of that, related national stakeholders on these problems must be coordinated and cooperated through Anti Narcotics Task Force.

Basically and significantly, the impacts of drugs threat in Indonesia are as bellow. First, the asymetric threats such as drug and narcotics have strategic purpose such as to weakening the capability of youth generation competitiveness in the country target. Secondly, steps by steps if the eforts to fight drugs and narcotics threats have been fallen, our country will be cooptated and conquerred by national and international drugs syndicate, which if those happens, it can be endangered our sustainability national politics, economics and social including cultural independency.

Finally, we must alert and vigilance on drugs and narcotics threat because they will be killed us and occupated us during our lives. Watch out and together we fight against them. Hopefully and Godbless always for this lovely country.

*) The author had earned his master tittle at the University of Indonesia (UI)

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