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By Mubdi Tio Thareq *)

Jayakartapos, Anticipating the simultaneous of outbreak of Covid 19, several countries have lockdown policy and in Indonesia, Jokowi’s administration has large-scale social restrictions or PSBB but its does not run well because Covid19 boost and spreading in Indonesia still go up everyday.

The government’s has argued that the spread of Covid 19 does not stop because the residents do not all of government regulations related to PSBB. Meantime, on social media and several locals and national media have reported that the government’s inconsistency policy implementation due to during PSBB or large scale social restrictions implementations, Transportation Ministry has made decision to allow public transportations can operations again since May 8th 2020 with several conditions must be followed.

Fighting against the outbreak of Covid 19 in Indonesia do not based on just scientific notion, but we must look from spitritual quotients perspective or religiousity paradigm. From those perspectives, we must alert on and remember what we done before which made Covid 19 came to Indonesia since 2 months ago. But if we look Palestine’s resident conditions under Israelis occupation since 1948.

People in Indonesia must take a lesson learnt from Palestine’s history especially on their steadfastness against Israelis occupation including how deep their faith in Islam, because of that Palestine’s people did not affraid to kill or to jail by Israel troops, because they are believe in their faith if the are passed away, they will go to heaven. Indonesia’s people must learn from Palestine’s brave heart. We must not let down against Covid19 because God always side by side with us and always blessing us. Do not give up, do not surrender like Palestine’s people spirit.

*) The writer is a columnist.

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