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By : Toni Ervianto .*)

Jayakartapos,  We will enter the next president elections on April 17, 2019 which was slated before by the General Elections Commission, but raising political tension between the government’s supporter with “an opposition” groups have been collitioning on social media. Hastag 2019 ganti Presiden or Hastag 2019 president changing has been launching by the opposite groups not only on social media but they were producting T-shirt, glass,sandals etc. Lately, the government’s supporter groups have also between launching hastagJokowi2periode etc. Since then, we can predict that political rivalry between two groups will be excalated and not easy to end.

In the context of democracy, hastag versus hadtag is a normal situation. From those, we will see which one between Jokowi’s social media supporters or the opposite social media will be win in “the competition”.

Considering and responding to these issues, President Jokowi should be patient and calm on each every sensitive issue or rumors which circulated on social media or mainstream media, because if Jokowi makes any mistake on his opinition, its will be politicized and manipulated by his political opponent groups during this political years

Countering any negative comment or critics from whoever said it, President Jokowi and his cabinet must show their possitive performance during their tenure.

However, President Jokowi should always be concerns about his duties or his mandate which was gave by Indonesian’s people to President Jokowi since the latest president elections in 2014.

President Jokowi does not worry about the next his political career as President, because Indonesia’s people is enough clever to responds and to choose their next president. If our people are still believe in Jokowi’s leadership and his efforts during his tenure, our people will choose him again in 2019, but if our people did not believe in Jokowi because Jokowi’s had judged failure, our people won’t be elected him again as their president. Whatever our people choose, its will drive by God Almighty. Because of that, President Jokowi must be patient and focus to fulfill his pledge which had written at Nawacita program.

*)   The writer is a political observer. His earned his master at the University of Indonesia (UI)

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