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By : Toni Ervianto *)

Jayakartapos, The spring of terrorist group attacks in Indonesia and recently in Surabaya, East Java must be blamed as the act of uncivilized from uneducated person who was influenced by the wrong propaganda from a cell terror group in Indonesia. Obviously, the chain of terror attacks have been reflected as a “coward actions”. All of Indonesian people must be cornered a terror group as “a common enemy for global human kind especially for the existence of Pancasila”.

The people of Indonesia must believe in Pancasila to tackle terrorist attacks because the end of one of terror attacks purpose is they want peole of Indonesia do not believe in to their government especially to their national ideology, Pancasila.

Concerning and studying from other cell terror attacks in several countries, they have a common platform to tople the government and to rule the society with their norms, laws and values which related to the terror groups ideology.

We must be happy because all of people around the world have a common ground understand that whatever, whoever and whenever terror attacks have been occurred at any places around the world, there are not connected with any religions in the world, because all of religions have been tought their followers to respect to humankind values and norms including to keep calm, prosper and peace situation around the world so that we can go to worship with peacefully and happily.

I think the spring of terror attacks or the chain of terror attacks did not to politicized for other pragmatic political purpose, because whatever political spat and political skirmish which have been grown during these moment will be gained for a terrorist interest. One of the purpose of terror attacks is made the fear feeling among the society and to create people’s distrust to their government.

However, the chain of terror bomb attacks in Indonesia has drawn that terror groups still exist, and they are enough success to recruit their new members or symphatizers through social media especially from whatsaap, twitter and facebook. Other sides, we must see from a bomb terror in Indonesia has shown that amount of people of Indonesia have been conditioning and attracting to joint to radical groups and an intolerance pressure groups. Theoritically, a radical groups and an intolerance pressure groups have been created a terror groups, because radical and an intolerance attitude are a basic of terror habit.

The recent of conditions must be faced by the people of Indonesia with their still believe in to their government and they must cooperate and togetherness to fight against radical, an intolerance indeed a terror groups through they must be implemented all of Pancasila’s value and norms in their chain of live.

We must believe in Pancasila as one and only one of ideology which should be done in Indonesia, because Indonesia is a pluralistic countries and Pancasila is a tools to strap the diversity of Indonesia.

Finally, one of lesson learnt from a bomb terror attacks is we must joint together to tackle the next dire of terror attacks. Pancasila can be used as a tools to make national solidarity and national strength to always fight against terrorist. We do not afraid to terrorist group is a necessary to do, but the government must strive to built, to create and to maintain the future prosper of Indonesia is a must and its always as Pancasila’s duty for them. Hopefully.

*) The writer earned his master degree at the University of Indonesia (UI)

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